Whats on at Pre-School

Term Dates

Parent Time

    Join us for some coffee and cake as we

   chat about different subjects and help you

   and your child learn and grow together.

    Parent Time will return in September 2021

Construction Club

           If you can build with it, we're

        playing with it!

     Come and join us for an hour

    of playing with LEGO®,

  Duplo®, wooden blocks...well you

 name it, we've probably got it! 

 (although LEGO® is pretty popular!)

   Our construction club runs on

    Thursdays 3-4pm, (Term Time).


         Costs £5.88 or 1 hour of your

               EYE Funding.

        Throughout the year, we run a

      programme designed by I Can, a

     charity who help children 


   It is delivered by our Early Talk Boost        trained staff who work with the children by reading stories, singing songs and doing    activities  based on the story.   The sessions         are designed to develop skills in speech,                language and communication which                      children require to learn and

             understand new words and join

                   in with conversations.

Early Talk


LEGO®- Based


     LEGO®-Based Therapy is used at

   The Village Pre-School, Upham to

  help develop social competence through

 the development of social skills.  

 Collaborative play with LEGO® provides

  children with the opportunity to practice skills        such as turn-taking, listening, sharing ideas,          communication, compromise, problem solving       and shared attention.  LEGO®-based therapy           encourages children to interact with each                 other whilst they work together to build                    models. 

Teeth Brushing

Farm Visits

           We have a link with a local                           dairy farm and the children                           visit the farm regularly to see the                   cows.  They enjoy meeting the                        farmers, and sitting on the tractors                 and other farm vehicles.  The children    feed the cows and have watched the cows  being milked.

    We are proud to have been awarded a             'Saving Smiles award' by Solent NHS  Trust.  We encourage the children to clean their teeth every day after lunch. We provide  tooth brushes for each child, and tooth

   paste.  Our staff are trained by Solent NHS       Trust to ensure the children clean their              teeth safely, and effectively.

Fri 03 September 2021 - Wed 15 December 2021


Mon 25 October 2021 - Fri 29 October 2021

Tue 04 January 2022 - Fri 08 April 2022


Mon 21 Februrary 2022 - Fri 25 Februari 2022

Tue 03 May 2022 - Thu 21 July 2022


Mon 30 May 2022 -  Fri 03 June 2022


Thu 05 May 2022

Cooking Club

Join us on a Monday 3-4pm (Term Time) as we learn all about the for we eat and how to make delicious treats and meals.  You also get a little recipie card to keep!

Numbers are strictly limited on a first come-first served basis to ensure that we can supervise and ensure the safety of the children.

        Costs £5.88 or 1 hour of

             your EYE Funding.



    We are pleased to announce the.              launch of our Gardening Club!  We will   be look after our vegetable plot as well as making things to help the wildlife in our garden!

Our Gardening Club runs Wednesdays 3-4pm (Term Time).


    Costs £5.88 or 1 hour of your EYE.               Funding.