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Want 6 hours free childcare?

It's very easy!  Recommend a friend, and if they come to us you get 6 hours free!

Of course there are some terms attached to this offer, so read carefully...

1. You must have attended at least one whole term before being eligible to receive 6 hours free childcare; regardless of when you recommended your friend.

2. Your friend must register and attend the same Parrywood Childcare setting for at least one whole term before you are eligible to receive 6 hours free childcare.

3.  The 6 hours free childcare will be made available at the discretion of the owners as we must ensure appropriate adult:child ratios are maintained at all sessions.

4. There is no limit to how many friends you can recommend, just please bear in mind that the free hours will be offered in addition to your current attendance and WILL NOT be deducted from your fees payable to your Parrywood Childcare setting.

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