Fees and Funding

We'll try to make this as painless as possible.

What do you charge?

£5.88* per hour (from 1st September 2021)  Thats it.  No hidden costs, no compulsory extras.

Unlike many Nurseries and Pre-Schools, we don't have set session times.  We believe you should be able to drop off and pick up your child when it is convenient for you.  All we ask is that you do a minimum of 2 hours in a day, (we recommend 3 hours so your child has time to settle and join in with our activities and routines).

But what if I only do my 15/30 Government funded hours?

We are aware that some Nurseries and Pre-Schools add charges to these hours to cover "expenses", but we firmly believe that Government funded hours should be just that.  Government funded.  So we won't ask you to cover our costs for looking after your children. There's more about funding further down the page.

So, what do I get for my money?

As well as all the fun things on our Whats on at Pre-School pages?  Well....snack and resources like craft things, access to one of the most highly qualified staff teams within the Early Years Sector, your online Learning Journal, (which you can access any day, any time, whilst you are with us), weekly updates from the setting about what we have done, access to our parent area with exclusive content, regular update meetings with your Key Person, daily "science" activities, (lets face it, who doesn't like a big explosion!), regular cooking activities, (we aim for at least one a week), and other activities led by the children's interests on that particular day.  In the afternoon, we have a post lunch "chill-out", followed by "groups"; the older children do some numeracy and literacy activities with a member of staff, and our younger ones, and those who struggle with listening and attention do "Bucket Time" (sitting and listening activities).  Did we miss anything?

What are the "optional" extras?

Uniform:  (We don't want your nice clothes getting ruined now!) Some of our families choose to purchase uniform from us. The uniform available and suppliers vary between settings so please ask your setting for more information.

End of Year Outing:  Whilst we do our best to keep to free locations, sometimes there may be a small cost involved.  No one expects you to be there, we just have an informal picnic type event, but this varies from setting to setting.  We will always let you know as far in advance as we can about where, when and what costs might be involved.

Primary School Dinner:  (PARRYWOOD PRE-SCHOOL, EASTLEIGH ONLY) We are able to order meals from the Primary School dinner menu, provided by our local Primary School.  These cost £3.52* each, and can be ordered on the day, (all money goes to Hampshire County Council). You can of course bring something from home, (hot or cold), if you don't want a school dinner, for no extra charge.

Government Funding

Funding for Early Years Education comes from the "Dedicated Schools Grant" and is often referred to as Early Years Education Funding, or EYE Funding for short.

The terms and conditions change frequently with regards to who is eligible and what they can claim.  The best place to look is the Government's childcare website:


If you need any further assistance regarding your funding options, or help in applying please drop a message to our Admin Team who can help you.

Still with us? * means subject to change without notice.

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